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About Us

B AGGRESSiVE. Why should somebody be aggressive??? Why not. No really, we have a message behind the provocational exclamation: design, invent, create, constuct, build, throw further, cut, carve, catch boomerangs. Cross limits if nessesary but try to achieve your boomerang goal. Be Aggressive.

Tibor Horvath

Year of birth: 1971
Occupation: Chemist

I began throwing together with Lorenz,that's nine years ago. First we tried to copy booms from other people. We still do that. But our interest for greater range grew and more andmore we designed our own hook-like 'rangs out of plywood with ranges upto 70/75m. That was four years ago.
Then we got hands on new materials, likeGlasfiber, Paxolin, Polypropylene, ... and our range increased to interesting 90/95m (with glass fiber). Since then we're trying to get more as you havenever enough. (No not money, I mean distance) Of course we learned from the others especially Herb Smith and we're always open to try out something new just to get 'em 10m more and here we are opening the horizon, just to be aggressive.

Lorenz Gubler

Year of birth: 1971
Occupation: Materials scientist

As Tibor mentioned, we began throwing togetherin '89 - in a houseworking course, where we were supposed to learn cooking,sewing and so on. There was also a crafting course, where you could build things out of wood like little chairs and - boomerangs. In fact, everybody already had a `rang but me and was throwing in front of the house. Finally, I made my first one and learned throwing. In '92 we began with LD. Soon I bought a Challenger III from Volker Behrens, but I could not throw ituntil '94. But we are trying to findour own shapes. We think, however, that especially in the airfoil design lies the key to increasing distance another couple of meters.

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