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LD World Records

As you can see the list is not continous becausesometimes a throw outside a competition was considered as record and sometimesnot. Over the years there was a long discussion how you could achieve aworld record and now it seems to be settled that only competition resultscount.

Furthermore it's interesting to see howthe record changed from Australia to USA and then to Europe (with a shortstay in Australia).

There is up to now (Jan-2001) one personin the 200m list, Manuel Schütz

Frank Donellan73.15Aus5-4-1934Sidney, Auslegend only
Steve Chisholm60.72Aus?-?-1937Sidneyin practise
Stephen Silady55.20Aus11-5-1966AUSTRALIAcompetition?
Jack Burwell57.46Aus11-7-1970Darlington Pointcompetition
Jeff Lewry77.28Aus1-31-1971Albury, Auscompetition
Herb Smith99.16GB3-17-1972Sussex, GBfor Guiness Book
Jeff Lewry82.00Aus2-?-1975AUSTRALIAcompetiton
Bob Burwell100.58Aus?-?-1977AUSTRALIAcompetition
Herb Smith106.50GB10-20-1978Crawley, GBfor Guiness Book
Al Gerhards112.47USA10-20-1979Rosslyn, USAin practise
Bob Burwell107.00Aus3-8-1981Alburycompetition
Bob Burwell111.00Aus11-19-1981Alburycompetition
Peter Ruhf114.30USA6-28-1982Sidneycompetition
Christian Jabet121.20F4-27-1986Lyon-Corbas,Fin practise
Volker Behrens134.00D10-4-1986Lübeck, Din practise
Volker Behrens147.00D3-21-1987Lübeck, Din practise
Christian Jabet149.00F4-15-1989Lyon-Corbasin practise
Jim Youngblood134.20USA6-?-1989Poolesville,USAcompetition
Michel Dufayard149.12F7-5-1992Shrewsbury, GBcompetition
Manuel Schuetz155CH6-7-1998Kloten, CHcompetition
David Schummy174AUS29-7-1998St. Louis, USAcompetition
Manuel Schütz207CH27-3-1999Tentlingen, CHcompetition
Manuel Schütz238CH1-5-1999Kloten, CHcompetition

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