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Troyes 1997
25 October 1997

Venue: F
Organizer: Eugène Cinal

In Troyes you find the best LD throwing area I've ever seen, it's located on a small airport. Lots of space, short grass, very flat, no obstacles within a kilometer or more. Furthermore, on that Saturday there was some low to medium wind and sunshine. This is the place where Eugène Cinal lives. No wonder he always throws very far ! There were almost 40 throwers, 6 from Switzerland. It was planned to make two rounds with 4 throws each. However, due to the early sunset, only the people who came from far (that is: the Swiss and a few more !) had the opportunity to throw in the second round (three throws each instead of four). The conditions were ideal, as you may see if you look at the results: A new Swiss record was set with 132.2 m ! The record was broken first by Manuel Schütz with 124.2 m. Michel Dufayard threw 120.0 m with a wooden boomerang - world record as far as we know. Tibor sets his personal best at 118 m.

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