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This page lists the contents of the LD results database. Complete tournament data is available from the year 2000 onwards, results from previous years are incomplete. Please report any missing information or mistakes to B_AGGRESSiVE.

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European Championships 1999
17 September 1999

Venue: military airbase Payerne Payerne CH
Organizer: B AGGRESSiVE

LD Results:

Thrower Distance /m Record Boomerang
Manuel Schuetz (CH) 192
Uwe Kitzberger (D) 151 DR
Lorenz Gubler (CH) 149 Backdraft #1 3mm gfec
Oli Thienhaus (D) 141
Markus Peissard (CH) 122
Laurent Crassa (F) 117
Sebastien Furic (F) 114
Michael Siems (D) 112
Simon Harder (CH) 111
Stephan Spirgi (CH) 110
Pieter Duin (NL) 103
Zoran Jarnovich (SLO) 102 SLOR
Tibor Horvath (CH) 101
David Hesse (CH) 100
Ingo Frantz (D) 99
Daniel Abelairas (F) 98
Martin Laslett (GB) 93
Ed ter Laare (NL) 92
Erik Leferink (NL) 91
Ruedi Salzmann (CH) 90
Mark Lisney (GB) 86
Jonas Romblad (S) 80
Renato Banalotti (I) 71
Maurizio Saba (I) 56
Harald Toft (DK) 54 DKR
Hans v Stam (NL) 47
Günter Möller (D) 0
Daniel Egger (CH) 0
Julien Peissard (CH) 0
Jean-Pierre Penland (F) 0
Antonio Scarpellino (I) 0
Jens Krabbe (DK) 0
Jaap Duin (NL) 0

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