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Swiss LD Championships 2018
16 September 2018

Venue: Langenzinggen Kloten CH
Organizer: Lorenz Gubler

After we had to cancel the tournament last year due to low attendance, we had 9 registrations this year, so the tournament was held. There were 2 rounds of 8 throws each.

It was a sunny September day, yet with very low wind, which at times shifted. In the second of the two rounds the wind had stabilized somewhat, but still it was only a very light breeze. Hence there were considerable difficulties to score a valid throw. In the first round of the first group, out of the total of 32 throws, there was only one valid throw: 149 m by Manuel. The second group had some more valid throws.

Conditions were slightly better in the second round, with a very low wind, which was relatively steady though from a western direction. Some decent throws were therefore scored.

Manuel Schütz defended his title (149 m), Lorenz Gubler (b_aggressive) came second with 119 m, and the third place was a tie at 114 m between Laurent Garnier (F) and Ludovic Brioux (F).

It was the first time for Bill Hirst from Amsterdam to attend the tournament. Enthousiasm for LD is alive, yet the community is shrinking somewhat. Hopefully, we can hold the tournament in Kloten in 2019, it will be the 20th anniversary of the World Record throw of Manuel here (238 m).


The complete results datasheet can be found here:

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from left to right: Joël Hernandez, Lorenz Gubler, Manuel Schütz, Stephan Spirgi, Ruedi Salzmann, Ludovic Brioux, Hans-Georg Borowski-Kyhos, front row: Bill Hirst, Laurent Garnier.

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