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This page lists the contents of the LD results database. Complete tournament data is available from the year 2000 onwards, results from previous years are incomplete. Please report any missing information or mistakes to B_AGGRESSiVE.

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EBC09 2009
28 August 2009

Venue: Biere CH
Organizer: Marc Schwyzer

LD Results:

Thrower Distance /m Record Boomerang
Manuel Schuetz (CH) 222
Uwe Kitzberger (D) 164
Thorsten Gaupp (D) 161
Alejandro Palacio (E) 130
Kari Korhonen (SF) 130
Fred Declercq (CH) 120
Michel Appriou (F) 116
Joel Hernandez (F) 111
Clemens Kitzberger (D) 110
François Chastanet (F) 106
Antti Luuri (SF) 105
Vincent Bourgeois (F) 103
Tobias Jakob (CH) 102
Venda Broz (CZ) 100
Ignacio Arregui (E) 99
Michal Vejlupek (CZ) 98
Renato Banalotti (I) 95
Robert Schoettner (D) 89
Henrik Mahler (DK) 88
Giuseppe Belfi (I) 84
Harald Toft (DK) 82
Antonio Scarpellino (I) 81
Alessandro Scarpellino (I) 78
Georgi Dimantchev (BUL) 74
Sonia Appriou (F) 72
Alfred Jeger (CH) 70
Bernd Kolmanz (AUT) 63
Marie Appriou (F) 52
Valentino De Chiara (I) 43
Wiebke Kitzberger (D) 0
Marc Schwyzer (CH) 0
Todor Enev (BUL) 0

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